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In its continuing drive to clear the streets of Monrovia of make-shift structures, including garages and filling stations that have over the years failed to 15920.photo.1.jpgadhere to city ordinances, the Presidential task force headed by the Mayor-designate at the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) yesterday swept parts of Somalia Drive in Gardnersville, amidst crowd of on-lookers.

Madam Mary Broh who was attired in trousers and light green shirt, along with her team, were visibly seen pulling down make-shift structures from the New Georgia Estate junction up to areas directly opposite the JJY community. Areas in which the Presidential task force had busied themselves nearly created traffic-block, with vehicles slowly passing by simply to take glimpse of what has now come to be identified as worthwhile initiative.

Side-comments heard by our reporter spoke highly of Mrs. Broh's performance, amidst the seeming hitch in her confirmation by members of the National Legislature. Unlike previous years when well-established businesses and homes could hardly be located out of the congested make-shifts along the street that leads up to Red Light in Paynesville City, most times to the embarrassment of tourists visiting the country, some citizens are now of the view that President Sirleaf will now feel extremely good to have important visitors tour Monrovia and its environs, to have insights about the shape in which the post-crisis city appears.

As the burning of debris took place within the vicinity of the JJY community yesterday, others along the route, specifically “Supermarket,” where marketers who had been wrongly positioned were seen, individuals did not have to be told about the visit of Mary Broh and her team as they hastily removed their make-shift structures to give way to the exercise.

Already, individuals with make-shift structures along the route leading to the E. Jonathan Goodridge Housing Estate, the largest constructed by the administration of the late President William Richard Tolbert, Jr., have begun taking precautionary measures with reports that she is likely to visit the Barnersville Township as well.

In view of having visited communities within the Jacob Town area nearly a week ago, where the discovery of single barrel shells were made by the police, the Presidential task force is expected to complete its tasks along the Somalia Drive before the end of the week.

Meanwhile, persistent calls are being made to members of the National Legislature to confirm Madam Broh, having demonstrably proven that she is competent to help keep Monrovia and its environs clean of filth and adding to the beauty of the capital.

Pledging our unqualified support for City Mayor-Designate Mary Broh

Mary Broh - Monrovia City Mayor-Designate
Mary Broh - Monrovia City Mayor-Designate

The slogan – “Change is coming soon” – was eloquently and melodiously captured in the revolutionary song sang by the good people South Africa as the  tentacles of Apartheid rained institutionalized racism in that country. Indeed change surely came and we want to congratulate all of the forces who rallied the struggle for equality for all. It is only a people who work to change their conditions through pragmatic actions that will win true change.

Time and again, we have lamented in this country about our plight; the frustrations brought to bear by years of neglect and sheer political irresponsibility, and you can imagine all the noise in the market about government not being forthright about a lot of things. We clamor for change and the need to improve the well-being of our people. All of these can only be achieved unless we act with a sense of focus for the good of the country. We mean the politics aside…

Monrovia is the seat of government and we need not commence any special classes or tutorials about how the city has been overtaken by piles of garbage all over the place. Reporting for the BBC, Comrade Ledgerhood Rennie described Monrovia as the dirtiest and filthiest capital in the world. We did not necessarily agree with our colleague, but the condition remains nothing to write home about. The situation has sadly not changed and we are appalled by the circumstances by which we have become consumed so imaginably.

When a lot of things go wrong in this country, the blame game is tilted into the direction of the Government of the day.  Why should that be the case? The government is positioned as the entity for the people, by the people and for the people. We claim we want change, but have at no time demonstrated the commitment to see a change come no matter the perils that are sometimes associated with it. At the heels of the filth that engulfed the nation’s capital, come along the unhealthy situation of makeshift market stalls erected just anywhere.  

Is there a city government in place? Yes indeed! There are also ordinances that should safeguard the public interest in terms of health and proper zoning adherence in our country. The lack of will or somewhat lax to strictly enforce laws on the books is no excuse for the continued disregard for ordinances. In our civilization, the imperative is to be seen as a country of laws and not those of men. How long can this country afford to progress with a care-free tendency?

We want to welcome the appointment of Comrade Mary Broh to head our city government with a view to breathing some air of energy, vitality renewal and resourcefulness to remake Monrovia. Comrade Broh won the hearts and minds of Liberians as ‘no nonsense’ individual last year when she spearheaded the special broad street project under the auspices of the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs.  Mary Broh won the admiration of the good people of this country as a result of her straight-jacket approach. We made no fuss folks, especially when the dividends showed a positive outcome for this country. We want to see Monrovia clean and less of any heath risk, but the present situation is not the best. Mary Broh has been called in to perform for this country a piece of job that will bring some dramatic change to give Monrovia a befitting look by all standards. It is about cleaning the mess and we cannot show any lip-service whatsoever. How long will we hide behind doing the wrong things in the name of allowing the so-called masses to fend for themselves. We asked for market and when one is built – we prefer to make vehicular traffic a nightmare. We abandon the newly built market and make mysterious claims. Rubbish!!

There are some interesting features, which were introduced hours after Madam Mary Broh started on a vigorous note to turn the capital into an acceptable and habitable environment. She called it familiarization tour and we take it at that. In no time the hullabaloo has started as always. Sinoe County Senator Mobutu Nyepan was quick to question the action of Mary Broh’s authority. His contention: Comrade Broh should not be exercising any authority now since she has not been confirmed by the senate. Wow! A new police officer on the block? Well said, but Madam Broh says she was on a familiarization visit. Hmm! Don’t we understand what that means or do we need interpreters? Monitoring a number of networks in the capital to gauge the mood - public reactions proved mixed.

We have some concerns and seriously too – and it borders on our discerning capacity as a people especially within the purview of certain issues of national concern. Would Senator Nyepan have taken the issue up if the demolition had not taken place? Look, it is time the people of this country stop empty politicking and concentrate on relevant issues that will move this country forward. What was the position of Senator Nyepan while filth was taking over the capital? Did cleaning the mess in Monrovia matter to the Hon. Senator and those of his likes who have become obsessed with the alibi of confirmation hearing? We agree with those who want the right thing done in Liberia, but doing so in its totality should be of compelling interest.

Interestingly, we heard the voice of Bong County Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor on the move regarding the latest demolition exercise that started in earnest. Our leaders, particularly those who sought the mandate of the good people of this country, have a point to herald and articulate the aspirations of their constituents. It makes sense after all. The senator’s bone of contention is about a plan of action. Plan of Action?

Isn’t it strange on the Bong Senator’s part when a few years ago, former President Taylor took robust action to clear street traders from where they are being removed? Did the Taylor administration present a Plan of Action? Didn’t it make sense to have asked for one then? We want our readers to get us straight on the score. The senator has every reason as a Liberian to express her concern on whatever matter there is. Fair enough! Is this the only time street traders have been chased from the streets? Can anyone tell us if the street peddlers were not aware that their actions were a violation of zoning laws or city ordinances? Pontificating vague arguments in the name of government making life difficult for the common man does not help anyone, but relegate Liberia to nothingness. We hope all would understand that vividly.   

But sometimes we have to remind ourselves of where we have come from as a basis for charting a new course. Oh yes, Senator Howard-Taylor is sloganeering ‘good governance’ in 2009. That sounds interesting for Liberia. Change has indeed come to the land of our nativity. Good news, everybody can talk without anyone looking over other’s shoulders. But the likes of Taylor did not produce any plan of action then. Different managers would variously employ strategies to address situations on a case by case basis. What do we need in essence? We would all agree that a filth-cleaned city or capital is what we want.

If we were to ask how other big cities turn out to be so gorgeous, we would be told that there were bitter moments and the people who occupied the slums cried as it were. What happened in the end? It was the development everyone wanted, but was not sure it would happen. Maybe we rather cry now, but the end product would obviously take precedence over the short-term discomfort our people invited unto themselves in the first place. We lend our unqualified support to Comrade Mary Broh. Change will indeed come to this country.

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